My colleague asked if I would like to check out a hobby of his and I obliged. It’s this thing called bouldering, which in my understanding is wall climbing without the use of a harness.

After work, we headed out to Onsight Climbing along Guillemard Road. I had to fill out a waiver form since it’s my first time and I rented a size 9 1/2 shoe. I paid S$18 for a single entry pass and S$6 for the shoe rental. The place was full of people but we still managed to find space in the beginner’s section. Scaling the wall was a bit intimidating at first but since I have a buddy with me, I eased up after a while.

Coming from a cycling background, I didn’t have the arm strength to raise my weight that easily. But with practice, I hope I will develop that upper body strength that can be good for my cycling, especially on the technical terrain. Certainly, this won’t be the only time I’ll be doing this. It was fun and right now I’m thinking of going back next week and make this a weekly routine.

Here’s a short clip from Onsight Climbing.

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