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Fourth Time’s A Charm – Hapunang Banoi

Last March 5, I followed through a promise I made to my co-workers. I accompanied them to one of the hardest peaks in the vicinity of Rodriguez, which is Hapunang Banoi. This is my fourth time climbing in the town of Rodriguez and a second time for Hapunang Banoi. However, this one’s quite unique because it rained a bit that morning and I’ve never hiked on wet soil.

We are a big bunch that day so Jason (0939-199-8032), my trusted guide, had to get help from his friend and mother to guide our group. In the wee hours of that morning, we hiked to reach the junction point on slippery terrain. Most of our group are hiking newbies so most of them didn’t know what to expect. Little did they know, they’re in for some hard climbing on the way up.


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Since it rained a bit, the view was unexpectedly spectacular. The cloud formations was just something I’ve seen on pictures. Because all the times I’ve been here, the clouds are either scarce or not up to par with what other people have been sharing on social media.

Our original plan was to hike both Mount Pamitinan and Hapunang Banoi but since we’ve reached the peak around lunch time (and it’s getting hotter), we had to cut our trip short and descend for a quick meal and head back down. But this hike is particularly memorable. I’ve met some new friends who are just beginning their outdoor journey and I want to help them in whichever way I can. Cheers!


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