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I’ve always thought Rizal province was the only place blessed with cool trails to ride a mountain bike near the Metro. But last Saturday, all of that changed when me and my cousin along with his friends went to Doña Remedios Trinidad. It’s a town just next to ours and some 35 kilometers from our house, the trailhead can be found. There we met some other local enduro riders from Bulacan. They were inspecting the trail conditions as they will organize an enduro race called “Papaya Cup” next month.

In total, there were seven of us on that trail with me as the only Cross-country (XC) rider and all them sporting greater than 80mm inch of front travel. There was the occasional fallen tree and burnt grass because there was “kaingin” by the local Dumagat people living in the area. I had a hard time on the downhills because of the ruts created by motorcycles which made the trail very unpredictable. The river crossings offered refuge from the scorching heat.

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Some five kilometers to the nearby community, we were greeted by a majestic view of a grassy hill with Mount Arayat on the background. From afar I could see the metropolis with the tall skyscrapers and such. I was filled with awe and pride that such a trail exists on my own home province of Bulacan. After the ride, we went to my cousin’s friend’s farm resort in the town of Angat to cool down and have some beer.

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