I’ve been going back and forth to Johor lately, twice for Mountainbike races, and one time for a group ride with Filipino bikers. I must say I’m really having a great time whenever I’m there. Everything in Johor is cheap compared to Singapore. For a short while that I was there in Malaysia, I could feel that it’s a whole lot like the Philippines except for the good infrastructure.

Yong Peng

The first place I’ve been to Malaysia was Yong Peng. It’s a small town north of Johor state and the majority of the people here are Chinese Malaysians. I was there for my first MTB race abroad but my race was ended abruptly by a flat tire. Through really unfortunate that day, I was happy for I experienced the friendliness of the locals there. They were trying their best to help me fix my tire but couldn’t because the valve was already broken. I had a hard time communicating at first because nobody speaks English and they talk to me in Bahasa mistaking me for a local Malay guy.


A week after my first race in Malaysia, I met up with friends of my cousin and went riding with them to Plentong where I finally rode the famous palm plantations of Malaysia. I tried to keep up with them on the technical trails because I was the only XC rider among the enduro crowd.

Felda Pasak

Most recently, I went to Kota Tinggi to join the Lasak@Pasak MTB Jamboree. It was the first time I finished a race outside of the Philippines and I’m happy to finish 225th out of 1500 riders that day. Hopefully, I can improve this when I get back to the Philippines and race there again.

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