Maxxis Cup

It’s the monsoon season in the Philippines and wrapping up the XC race season is the Maxxis XC Cup 2016. It was held in La Mesa Nature Reserve last Sunday, June 12, which also happens to be Independence Day.

Coming to this race, I was prepared to be disappointed because of the number of participants which ballooned to 600 people. Considering the size of the trails, that is a big number. But all my worries were for nothing because the race flow was smooth. I got to enjoy the whole 2 laps of the approximately 20.6 km of mixed fire road and single track. I got cramps upon entering the single track and tumbled. I lost about 7 minutes in fixing my handlebar which got misaligned.

It was a short day for me because we went home after the race. The area was crowded with riders and their families. I was feeling tired because of the race and the ride we did the day before. I guess I’ll have to rest the whole rainy season and prepare for November’s Dirt Weekend race.

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