Endurance Weekend

Last weekend, we camped out at Filinvest City’s mountain bike trails for the annual Endurance Weekend. This race has been going on for some time now but this is the first time I joined it. It’s very different from other races because as the name implies, it’s all about endurance and not just speed. Instead […]

Maxxis Cup

It’s the monsoon season in the Philippines and wrapping up the XC race season is the Maxxis XC Cup 2016. It was held in La Mesa Nature Reserve last Sunday, June 12, which also happens to be Independence Day. Coming to this race, I was prepared to be disappointed because of the number of participants […]

Cordi 7

As this year started, I had my eyes set on this particular race. I’ve already heard so much about the Cordillera Challenge, how hard the last “Cordi” (as other people affectionately call it) was and how spectacular the view of mountains is. It’s always good to have something to look forward to and to train […]


Every time I went south of Luzon, it’s hard for me not to glimpse at Mount Makiling as it stands proud along with Mount Banahaw on the vast plains of Batangas and Laguna provinces. But never did I imagine that one day I’ll be able to experience its beauty firsthand. We started our seven (7) […]

Hometown Ride

I’ve always thought Rizal province was the only place blessed with cool trails to ride a mountain bike near the Metro. But last Saturday, all of that changed when me and my cousin along with his friends went to Doña Remedios Trinidad. It’s a town just next to ours and some 35 kilometers from our […]