Late last year, Cannondale released the latest iteration of their popular XC full suspension mountain bike. It was aptly named Scalpel-Si, Si for System Integration. Basically, Cannondale didn’t just get an OEM part from other manufacturers and worked their way to build a bike. What they did was to design each part to work with each other, hence, System Integration. Half a year later, I now get to ride this beautiful machine.

First Impressions

I am by no means an expert on mountain bike technology so this review is just my impression as an end-user. I got the Scalpel-Si Carbon 4 after making an order from Cannasia, the local Cannondale distributor here in Singapore. The normal waiting time is just a month but it took two months for mine to arrive.

I asked them to remove the 2x chainring and replace it with a 1x Spidering to make it lighter. I chose a 34T chainring since there’s not much uphill track here in Singapore. With pedals, my rig now weighs 11.5 kilos, which for me is pretty decent for a full suspension bike. My alloy hardtail before was 12 kilos.

From all those months of waiting, I’ve read a dozen articles about this new Scalpel being really fast. And yes, it delivers. It moves forward quickly as you can immediately feel the power transfer from your legs to the pedals. This is my first full suspension bike and the first time I’ve spent a long time riding a fulsus. The comfort is amazing and I can’t wait to put this to the test on the trails.


“How was sit?” was the prevalent question from my friends once they knew I bought a Lefty-equipped bike. On the onset, it feels like any other fork (it’s more like a barbeque stick than a fork, lol). It steers and absorbs impact like a normal two-stanchioned fork. People say it’s lighter because of the absence of the right stanchion. And it looks cool, right?

However, it’s not without limitations. Since the part where you stick the hub to the fork is not removable, you need to unscrew the brakes first before you can get the wheel. Also since the Lefty goes above the headset, tight turns to the left will be harder.

Trail Test

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Pulau Ubin to test what this baby can do. Hopefully, every dollar I spent for this will be worth it. Here are some few snaps of my new racing rig.

Thanks to the good folks at Cannasia!
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