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We’re Building A Pump Track In Our Backyard

Well, after I’ve compiled YouTube videos on how to build a pump track. I spent the weekend at my parent’s house in San Miguel, Bulacan last weekend and while chatting over lunch, my father said he wants to convert our backyard into a trail where I (and probably some local riders) can ride my bike.


Thinking of building a pump track in our backyard.

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Holy Crap! I’ve been wanting to build one on our backyard! But never raised that idea because I thought my father would never be interested in my hobby. But hey, as it turns out, he saw one (albeit a small one) pump track built at his friend’s house. He said he had a eureka moment that ‘hey, since my son is so much into mountain biking and always go on far-away places to find trails, why not build one on our home so he’ll be stoked to go home every weekend.’

Well, I bought it. And I’m so thrilled!


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  1. Melvin SG says:

    Hi Edz,

    Welcome back sa blogging! Hehe wala na yung edpalomo interface na nagplaplantsa ng engg uniform :p

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